1948 Lancia Aprilia Paganelli
by Carrozzeria Schiaretti

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History of Paganelli


1946 - 1955

Paganelli, founded in Naples 1946 by Sabatino Paganelli, who was also a race driver, was another small workshop starting off preparing production cars and later producing two-seat sportscars for competition.


Despite starting with Fiat 500s and 1100s they branched out and used both Alfa Romeo 2300 mechanicals as well as less commonly found Lancia mechanicals.


One of their most successful cars in 1948 used a Gilco chassis with mechanicals from the Lancia Aprilia, few Paganelli Lancias ever build and 3 of them still in existence. The aluminum one with no color paint for sure made by a small Parmese Carrozzeria named Schiaretti, there is no proofs that confirms if all of these build from the same body constructor, all these reports for very rare cars refreshed when I find some serious new informations about them.


The majority of their cars were the normal 'siluro' style with bicycle style mudguards, but they did produce a couple of very pretty berlinettas, the bodies being the work of Stabilimenti Farina.


They achieved a variety of successes, with drivers like the local driver Luigi Bellucci, in the late 1940's and early 1950's but by 1955 they were forced to close (although their cars were continued to be used).


These cars participated at Circuito di Avezzano & Monte Pellegrino Historic.

The 2000 sports Paganelli derived Aprilia at the start of the Catania Etna 1950

driven by Luigi Bellucci,eventually conquer excellent second place overall.

Very few of them constructed by Carrozzeria Schiaretti from Parma who was responsible from the nice super-light aluminum body in Siluro (Torpedo) style and here the 3 cars still in existence today, the car in the middle is the only one I didn't reach yet, I hope in the future to have this pleasure again.

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