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1953 HVZ Alfa Romeo 6C Barchetta

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This is the first car was built by Henk van Zalighe in 1953, Henk was a Dutch race car driver, motor tuner, the HVZ-Alfa, based on a pre-war 6C-2300 of 1937 (chassis & mechanical components). When the engine collapsed on a historic race, Henk installed a 2.5-liter Riley block on the engine, with which he fought in Zandvoort in 1954. Now equipped an 1750cc Alfa Romeo engine and participate in historic classic car events & races.

Henk van Zalinge (1922 - Opio, 5 February 2006  was a Dutch race car driver, motor tuner, and builder of electric double basses.

Van Zalinge was born as the son of a rubber broker and grew up in Bussum.


He attended the lyceum, studied indology, but broke off his studies and moved to the United Kingdom. Here he studied mechanical engineering, after which he specialized in automotive engineering.

He returned to the Netherlands and became active in motorsport. Because he had little money, he converted an old Alfa Romeo into a sports car that he named Hirondelle. Van Zalinge built several other Hirondelles, and on 21 May 1956 he won in a Hirondelle on the circuit of Zandvoort. Later he devoted himself to tuning engines.

At the end of the fifties he founded the Autorensportschool Zandvoort with Rob Slotemaker, which he continued with Dick van Iperen after the death of Slotemaker in 1979. In 1963 he approached DAF with an idea for a racing car with Variomatic. The Brabham-DAF that came out of this was driven by Gijs van Lennep, but without much success. 

Van Zalinge was a racing driver of Racing Team Holland in the sixties. In 1964 he participated with Ben Pon in a Porsche 904 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. They finished second in their class and eighth in final classification. He stopped racing at the end of the sixties.

Here an important historic document, Henk van Zalighe on the steering wheel of this unique racecar based on Alfa Romeo 6C, at the golden era of 50's.

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