1952 Panhard DX86 MM Crepaldi by Allemano

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History of the car


Another one rare treasure called Panhard Dyna X86 Barchetta Crepaldi Allemanno Mille Miglia of 1952 presented in my site for first time.


The Panhard Dyna was an ideal base for many people and companies who wanted to build their own car. The Dyna chassis was light, not too expensive and the engine was relatively powerful. It was also easily to obtain, because Panhard was always very willing to provide their chassis and drive train to anyone.

This is the only original surviving of the three ever made and constructed from body 

Torinese specialist Carrozzeria Allemanno of D8 drawing by the master G.Michelotti

exclusive Gastone Crepaldi who until 1953, imported from France the Dyna Panhard and in the early '50s founded the racing team called "Scuderia ItalFrance' for which they were built 6 coupes and 3 barchettas with which he participated in various sporting events, including the Mille Miglia, again with good positions.

The Barchetta was born with aluminum bodywork on chassis number 475.810, while the engine type GM750 was developed by Mr. Rossi in Milan, the famous coach of the time. For sport destination, they were at that time replaced the pressed steel rims with spoke wheels with 125/15 Borrani tightening gallon measure.

This unique Panhard with Italian flavor also took part in the Mille Miglia of 1954.

Period pictures from international Turin motorshow when the car exposed on public for the very first time.What a masterpiece!!!

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