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Museo Bandini & Automobili

The Bandini badge design came from the s
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1952 Bandini 750 Sport Siluro by Motto (
I am happy to announce my new book titled: "Museo Bandini & Automobili"
Special limited edition of 100 signed luxury handmade copies. 
Order yours via donation, price 160 euros, plus global shipping.


I would like to start this book with a few words about a particular category or rather better for a group of car makers who have become very popular throughout the years. More particular, more and more fans of rare classic cars ask me to inform them about the history and action of these small gems!

This group represents racing cars of mainly low-capacity, which participated in races from the late 40s to the 60s.

The name Etceterini is what surrounds the limited-car manufacturers with a sporting character that helped greatly in the development and improvement of the engines, mainly between 500 - 1200cc, leaving the big automakers in the shade with the performance-success of a handful of passionate engineers- in a family environment, without any comfort, sharing a spaghetti cooked in the garage space during the endless preparations before the races.

I have seen many constructions of such racing cars and have spoken to those who are still alive, such as engineers, drivers or offspring of the manufacturers themselves, and I was conveyed  the same passion, the great love and dedication that these people had at that time and especially with the few means they possessed to complete their work.

For a first time in history the exhibition cars of Museo Bandini all photographed by me in the sun light and now is in this special limited copied book. A huge thank to my best friend Dino Bandini for the global exlusive!
Order yours on via paypal donation. Already delivered on following countries: 🇬🇷 🇮🇹 🇸🇪 🇨🇭 🇳🇱 🇺🇸 🇫🇷


Prologue by me (About Etceterini and Ilario Bandini).
The story of Dino Bandini about how & why create this Museum. 
Memories from the driving experience of the Mille Miglia racer 750 Sport Siluro by Dino Bandini.
Memories from the driving experience of the Mille Miglia racer 750 Sport Siluro by Vasileios Papaidis
History & Photography work from the Museum collection cars:
1952 Bandini 750 Sport Siluro by Motto #003
1953 Bandini 750 Sport Siluro MM #211
1954 Bandini 750 F3 #49
1956 Bandini 750 Sport Siluro #35
1957 Bandini 750 GT Veloce Coupe by Zagato #1001B
1957 Bandini 750 Sport Internazionale Saponetta #160-150 
1960 Bandini Formula Junior #57 
1962 Bandini 1000 Barchetta #160S 
1980 Bandini 1300 Sport Prototipo 16v 
1992 Bandini 1000 Turbo Berlinetta 16v
and various photos from Museum inside & outside.
Important notes


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Όταν ένα "όνειρο ζωής" εκπληρώνεται οφείλεις να νιώθεις πλήρης.
Είναι εξαιρετικά δύσκολη η αποτύπωση των συναισθημάτων που νιώθεις και θέλεις να μεταφέρεις σε άλλους παθιασμένους σαν κι εσένα ανθρώπους μέσω ενός βιβλίου, η αγωνία να διαβάσεις τις εντυπώσεις των αναγνωστών της δουλειάς σου είναι συγκρίσιμη με την αγωνία που νιώθεις όταν κρατάς το τιμόνι ενός τέτοιου ιστορικού αυτοκινήτου!

Βασίλειος Παπαϊδης συγγραφέας.

When a "dream of life" is fulfilled you ought to feel complete.
It is extremely difficult to capture the emotions that you feel and want to move to other passionate people like you through a book, the agony to read the impressions of your readers is comparable to the anxiety that you feel when you hold the wheel of such a historic car!

Vasileios Papaidis book author.

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