A Gentlemans meeting...in British Racing Green

Alfio Lilli's Garage

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There is not a complete presentation of a garage,it's a freestyle quick interview with a real gentleman,his name is Alfio Lilli and is the main sponsor of Circuito Di Avezzano under his healthy company XFuel.Our history begins 2 years before in the context of 2nd Circuito Di Avezzano when he had lent me one classic of his car collection for the needs of the event.This year we had the opportunity to meet again in his garage and talk in a very friendly atmosphere.We need people like Alfio in classic car scene,people with passion about cars and power to help quality events like Circuito Di Avezzano to continue in the future their presence!

Τhose below are some questions that I did as part of our short meeting.

V.P. How many years you collected cars?

A.L. About 15 years.

V.P. What car was your first?

A.L. A Classic London Cab

V.P. Why an Italian like you, collect and loves British cars?

A.L. Βecause is most closely matches to my temperament, the British class is my style!

V.P. How many cars you have in your collection now?

A.L. I have 24 classic cars in my own.

V.P. Which one is your most favorite?

A.L. My lovely Jaguar XK 120 Coupe from 1953

V.P. Tell me your favorite classic not even got to your garage

A.L. I like to have a Porsche 356 Speedster in to the near future.

V.P. Why you love and support events like Circuito Di Avezzano?

A.L. First of all I love classic cars so we share the same passion,after Circuito Di Avezzano is the best classic car event in my area and chemistry with the organizer Felice Graziani is the key to our cooperation, we are friends first and then associates and that says it all I think so!


The ex.President of Jaguar Drivers Club Italy mr Alfio Lilli is owner of one of my books and invite me to participate together in the next Mille Miglia 2017 with his marvelous Jaguar XK120 Coupe from 1953!
With the same car participate in Mille Miglia 2016 with our friend and boss of Circuito Di Avezzano Felice Graziani.

Memories from my driving moments with one of the Aflio Lilli's classics at 2014,an MGA Cabriolet in great condition hitting the streets to Avezzano!

Photo Gallery

Year by year I feel lucky to present in public some rare cars from this garage with lot of pictures and stories about them. 

This is just a beginning of a new friendship!


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