1956 Microplas Mistral Mk II

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This car based in Ford Prefect from 1955,chassis and engine taken from this model, also the mechanic gearbox with 3 gears and reverse.

The car transformed with a new body by plastic material from the British small company named Microplas,The Mistral body design was originally penned by Bill Ashton.

Microplas was formed to build fiberglass bodies for Austin Sevens in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. The Mistral was Microplas’s second body design in 1955, intended for the Ford Ten. At various points in time, Buckler, Fairthorpe and TVR all used the Mistral body, as did Bob Blackburn down in Christchurch, New Zealand. He intended to go into full production with a Graeme Dennison-designed chassis, but couldn’t source enough Ford Prefect parts and so sold the body and chassis as a kit. 

In 1956, Californian Bud Goodwin licensed the body from Microplas and sold it in the United States through his company Sports Car Engineering. Goodwin, who later went on to start Fiberfab, only sold the Mistral for a couple of years before selling Sports Car Engineering to a company called Du Crest Fiberglass. Very few build by this company because the construction years was only two, before closed.

About Microplas

Microplas Limited was formed in 1954 in Uxbridge by group of 750 Motor Club members.


They were Mike Eyre, Roger Everett, Bill Ashton, Sandy Wemyss, Tony Wemyss, and one other who was associated with the Hunting family. The Huntings were among the first to make reinforced plastics for the British military during World War Two. Microplas had access to this technology. The Mircroplas also traded as Microbond.

In the mid 50's Microplas relocated its factory to Mitcham, Surrey. The company diversified into boats and hardtops. The boats were built under Microplas and Microplus names.

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