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In summer of 2006, a group of ambitious and imaginative friends, students of the Mechanical Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering of Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki,Macedonia,Greece decided to create a team that could output their knowledge into reality. They managed to design, manufacture, assembly and run a single-seated racecar that complied with FSAE rules. This was the first ever running car constructed in Thessaloniki by students.

ART’s first participation was in the racetrack of Fiorano de Modenese in Italy. During the past five years, ART can name 5 successful participations in the Formula SAE series, including three awards (2009 FS Class 3 Design Winners, 2010 Formula ATA Most Friendly Team and 2011 Acceleration Run-off Winners).

Ever since, the team is renewed with young students, willing to advance the team achievements even more.

Formula SAE is a student engineering competition where students organize, manage, and fund a racing team that will design, manufacture and compete with an open-wheeled prototype racecar.

The car is produced on the notion that a fictional manufacturing company contracted ART to develop a small formula style racecar to be manufactured in a 1000 unit per year production run. The car, apart from the mechanical design and track performance, is also judged on its cost analysis and business (sales) presentation.

The official race season begins in the middle of May with the oldest Formula SAE competition held at Michigan International Speedway, in the United States of America. The European season, in fact, starts with the Formula Student event taking place in the legendary track of Silverstone, Northampton, in the United Kingdom. The European calendar continues with the races in the Red Bull Ring (FS Austria), the historical Hockenheim (Formula Student Germany) and the Fiorano circuit (FSAE Italy), but there are more international races in countries such as Japan and Brazil. The events are sponsored by automotive companies and mostly companies related to motorsports. ART has so far attended the European events of UK and Italy.

The competition is divided in two parts, the dynamic and the static events, with the maximum number of points amounting 1000.

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