1963 Stanguellini Colibri (Record car)

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In 1962 the Italian drivers association ANCAI awarded Vittorio Stanguellini the world trophy for manufactures of Formula Junior cars. The world speed records were another challenge won by Vittorio.


Pietro Campanella and Angelo Poggio took the 'Nibbio' record breaking veihicle with its Guzzi engine to the modenese for fine tuning,leading 24 international records.


The innovative Colibri with Stanguellini tubular chassis and bodywork designed by Franco Scaglione was built on the wave of  success,this veihicle with extreme aerodynamic characteristics,intially designed to house the powerfull and gowndbreaking eight-cylinder Guzzi 500 engine,clocked up six world records on the high speed track in Monza (October 1963) ,driven by the more modest and classic single cylinder Guzzi 250 engine. 

The all aluminum body was produced by Vaccari & Baccrini-Carrozzeria Gransport.

Engine: mid-mounted Moto Guzzi.

Cylinders: 1, horizontal
Bore and stroke: 68×68 mm
Capacity: 248 cc
Max output: 29 bhp at 8400 rpm
Lubrication: full pressure with delivery and scavenge pumps
Cooling: air through air ducts
Valve gear: twin overhead camshaft driven by vertical shaft and spiral drive.
Fuel Feed: 1 Dell’Orto SS32 carburetor
Ignition: magneto
Clutch: multiple disc
Gearbox: 5 speeds; chain-driven final transmission
Chassis: tubular trellis
Front suspension: independent, lower and upper wishbones, coil springs with coaxial telescopic shock absorbers, anti-roll bar.
Rear suspension: independent, lower and upper wishbones, coil springs with coaxial telescopic shock absorbers
Brakes: disc on front wheels
Wheelbase: 2300 mm
Tracks: front 1100 mm; rear 1050 mm
Body: closed streamlined single-seater
Dry weight: 310 kg 

Monza track October 1963,the Colibri driven by Pietro Campanella and Angelo Poggio 

set 6 world speed records,the Stanguellini streamliner reach speeds over 180kph.

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