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The Technology Museum Exhibitions

The layout and planning of the museum's exhibitions was based on T.M.Th. 's experience over the many years of its operation, as well as the examplification of Europe's major Science and Technology Museums.

The "Classic Cars Exhibition" featuring car models that mark the history of automobile. The exhibition consists of 5 main thematic units, based on the 5 top car models of the 20th century.

The Technology Museum of Thessaloniki has started an effort to restore -via sponsors- a number of cars, which had been preserved as "cars of historical and educational value". These cars have been offered to the Museum for the establishment of an automobile Exhibition, the first in Greece.

A significant number of cars which were evaluated and considered worthwhile to be restored, have already been "adopted" by companies and individuals, who will cover the restoration costs.


In the meantime, the Museum's existing collection of cars is continuously expanded, mostly by donations from individuals or long-term free usage.

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