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1951 Lorenz 1.1-Liter-Sportwagen 

Hardly any of the East German "self build" sports cars of the 1.1 liter class has stood the test of time.

This 1100cc mid-engined sports car,however,has found some years ago in Bautzen (Saxony).

The car starts building in 1949 and completed in the year of 1951 at the workshop of Gottfried Lorenz in Heidersdorf (Saxony) on the basis of a VW Kubelwagen military vehicle from WW II.


Everyone in the workshop was involved to this project racecar. For example an apprentice had to drill holes in whole chassis to reduce the vehicle weight,this took about one week to finish. 

The car tested in Dresden Autobahnspinne and at the Leipzig city park making rounds,also took part in races in 1.1 liter category.

Lorenz and his team consistenly tried to improve the car and for example he experimented with a French 2 cylinder Pantin aircraft engine.


However this engine not get along with the VW Kubelwagen transmission which was unable to cope with the high power of that motor. 

Photographic document that proves the existence of the car on it's era. Credits:


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