3rd Circuito Di Avezzano 2015

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A weekend full of elegance and passion for vintage cars. On 26,27 & 28 June 2015,the Jaguar club Italy member of ASI and the City of Avezzano, hosted the most beautiful vintage cars in Italy for the 3nd Circuit of Avezzano.An event organized by the Jaguar Drivers Club Italy, a competition of regularity ASI under the patronage of the City, which will give excitement and fun for participants and spectators with the succession of the various trophies symbols of motoring tradition marsicana. Avezzano. 

A blast from the past with classic cars and diamonds of the past.

Day one started with a 150 Km plus, marathon dedicated to the engines.At 9 the eighty cars started from the Marsi and rallied to the end of Via Napoli. With the road book in hand, one at the time, crews and cars left in 'order of deployment carried out on the Monte Salviano. Among  crews, were also the actress Cristiana Capotondi, Andrea Pezzi and ex.football star Antonio Cabrini.

From there,cars reached Celano and then back to Avezzano to the super trophy Xfuel. In the afternoon the historical engines were available to fans, to admire and photograph them in Piazza Risorgimento.


Same evening,at 21.30, the third circuit of Avezzano,  departured from Piazza Risorgimento, The event, organized by the "Jaguar Drivers' Club Italy" and sponsored by the City Avezzano, joined the national calendar from historic Italian auto-motoclub.


At 10:30 the first crews arrived in Rocca di Mezzo, at the headquarters of the National Park of Abruzzo. And 'This is the re-enactment of the historic tropheo Micangeli.


At 11:15 The first crews were already allocated at a time of Collarmele.


At 15:00 after running tests regularly in the beautiful surroundings of the wind farm behind Collarmele, crews arrived at the restaurant Guerrinuccio in Celano. Only two cars presented mechanical problems but luckily were rescued from Wrecker provided by the organization. After lunch break, all teams left, with new destination the castle Piccolomini Celano.


At 17:00 crews, after marching around the castle of Celano went at the headquarters of X-Fuel in Magliano de 'Marsi for its namesake Supertrofeo X-Fuel. The cars took part and completed the tests in parc ferme and then are directed towards Piazza Risorgimento, where they were exhibited  to the public.


At 19:30: Avezzano enjoys its racing cars of the era. A huge crowd browsed  between these rare and precious examples of vintage cars. But this was the "calm before the storm" 

the  3rd Circuit Avezzano - Di Lorenzo Cup race, which started at 21.30.


21:30: After the award journalistic "Telegraph Gold" finally takes away cup Di Lorenzo. The audience was inevitably drawn to the cars that parade at night through the streets of Avezzano, but to make it even more enjoyable is the event was hosted by lovely  Cristiana Capotondi and her partner Andrea Pezzi. The actress has focused more than once on the beauty of the landscapes of Abruzzo crossed during the whole day. The journalist Oliviero Beah however, was sportingly aboard a  vintage car, taking part in the regularity race against the old national famous football player Antonio Cabrini.

"Equipaggio Internazionale" ready for 3rd Circuito Di Avezzano 2015.

 Giaur Ghampion 750 Sport (1950) Giuseppe De Angelis (IT)  Vasileios Papaidis (GRE)

Special thanks for all my Italian friends Felice Graziani (head-organizator),Antonello Salzano,Anita Salzano,Fabio Berardi,Giannantonio Massaroti,Daniele Spataro,Giustina & Giovanni Veneruso,Giuliano Bensi,Francesco Arcieri,Luigi La Bella,Teresa & Alessandra Barone Muzj Di Fontecchio,Luca Rubeo,my buddy Elia, my new friends Sanni Restuccia,Julia Vasilyeva and more..the list every year becomes larger!

Participation cars

#1 Lancia Epsilon 1912

Nobili Salvatore 

#7 Fiat Ballila 508 Coppa d' Oro 1935

Daddario Oreste

#2 ITALA 56/A 1923

Battista Fracesco

#8 Singer 9HP Le Mans 1935

Bottini Luigi

#3 Isotta Fraschini 8A Tipo Corsa 1925

Ranaletta Carlo

#4 Bugatti T40 1927

Cristina Riccardo

#9 Riley TT Sprite 1935

Angelini Igino

#11 Riley 12/4 SPL 1938

Di Paolo Michele

#12 Morris Eight Tourer 1935

Mattioni Maria

#15 Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Viberti 1929

Olivieri Luigi

#16 Fiat Ballila Siata 1933

Busata Michael

#18 Taraschi Urania 750 Sport 1949

Veneruso Vincenzo

#19 Stanguellini 1100 Corsa 1948

Lorenzoni Fabrizio

#20 Giaur Champion 750 Sport 1950

De Angelis Giuseppe

#21 Cisitalia Colombo 1100 Sport 1950

Gigliotti Giorgio

#22 Ermini 1100 Sport 1952

De Capitani Giuliano

#23 Ermini 1100 S Competizione 1955

Mortari Massimo

#24 Monaci 8C Bimotore 1952

Barletta Raffaele

#25 Fiat Negri 508C 1953

Adinolfi Vincenzo

#26 Moretti 750 Sport 1953

Greco Lorenzo

#27 Ginetta G4 Sport 1966

Emanuele Barone Muzj Di Fontecchio

#28 Falcon Shells Mk II 1955

Onori Giorgio

#29 Elva Mk I B 1955

Rossi Antonio

#30 Watford Cheetah Barchetta 1962

Serio Ivo

#31 Hamblin Super Two 1960

Roseto Raimondo

#32 Ferrari Fantuzzi 250TR 1959

Bensi Giuliano

#33 OSCA Maserati 372 F2 1958

Lucia Di Lorenzo

#35 Giaur 750 Record 1954

Taraschi Tazio

#36 Ockelbo Simca 8 Sport 1956

Perfetti Antonio

#37 Alfa Romeo HVZ 1953

Luccetti Nicola

#38 Healey Silverstone 1950

Vellucci Roberto

#40 Panhard X86 Dyna 1952

Sciarrillo Ciriaco

#41 Triumph TR2 Sports 1954

Cabrini Antonio

#42 Austin Healey 100 BN1 1954

Claudio Paradisi

#43 Porsche 550 Spider 1955

Mantovani Fabrizio

#44 AC Cobra 1965

Natale Andrea

#46 Jaguar XK 120 1952

Seriti Francesco

#47 Jaguar XK 120 OTS 1953

Mancini Pierfranco

#48 Jaguar XK 140 OTS 1955

Giampiccolo Vittorio

#49 Jaguar XK 140 DHC 1955

Ceribelli Antonio

#50 Jaguar XK 150 OTS 1960

Fabio Berardi

#51 MG TF Cabrio 1954

Di Felice Fernando

#52 MG TD Cabrio 1953

Antonino Auccelo

#53 Morgan 4/4 1956

Arrighi Alessandro

#54 Morgan 4/4 Sport 1965

Juan Mana

#55  Triumph TR3 Sport 1957

Arcieri Francesco

#56 Austin Healey BT7 3000 1961

Barone Mugj Teresa

#57 Jaguar E Type Roadster 1962

D'Agostino Franco

#58 Austin Healey 3000 Mk III 1964

Margaritelli Dario

#60 Jaguar E Type Convertible 1968

Lili Alfio

#62 Jaguar E Type Convertible 1964

Amati Massimo

#64 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS 1948

Tesauro Giovanni

#65 Ferrari 250 GT Cabriolet 1960

Antonello Salzano

#66 Mercedes Benz 300 SL 1958

Alfonsi Tiziano

#67 Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider 1956

Bottini Roberto

#68 Lancia Flaminia Touring 1960

Carnevali Aurelio

#69 Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider 1958

Bona Andrea

#61 Jaguar E Type 3.8 OTS 1967

De Marco Pietro

#70 Austin Healey 3000 Mk III 1965

Taglia Vittorio

#71 Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider 1960

Brozzetti Sandro

#72 Mecedes Benz 190 SL1956

Natale Marco

#73 Mecedes Benz 190 SL1960

De Luca Fabio

#74 Mecedes Benz 190 SL1962

Bove Dario

#76 Porsche 356 B Cabriolet 1962

La Bella Luigi

#77 MG A Cabriolet 1957

Di Pangrazio Giovanni

#78 MG A Cabriolet 1956

Levati Valerio

#79 MG B Cabriolet 1965

Pezzi Andrea

#80 MG A Cabriolet 1962

Chiodi Roberto

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