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Segreto Garage Vol. 1

Ηow do you feel in the depths of a secret garage? Specialy when you find very unique racecars from the golden era. My mission is to show and share some of the importand feelings to classic car enthusiasm in every place in this planet,enjoy!

All photography work is copyrighted by the author, please don't download and publish these pictures in the internet without my permission! 

Larger high quality pictures is available only for donators up on request! Vasileios Papaidis 2017 © All Rights Reserved

1955 Fiat 1100 TV first series. This was the first Classic car from current owner when he was 17!

The TV restored in 1984/1985 and this year resprayed the body in the original colour.The owner says.."I drove this car for all the Italy with a fantastic engine prepared by Fabrizio Falanga in Palermo. This car runs over 170 km/h!"...


Only 32 1100 TV survived these days (Ruoteclassiche).

This is a Fiat 1200 "Wonderful" constructed by carrozzeria Vignale and designed by the master Giovanni Michelotti at 1957.

The collector chased for 28 years until 2014... not so rare but every respectable garage and collector must have one of these,Lancia Fulvia (Tipo 818) designed in house by Piero Castagnero,still these days one of the most beautiful and desirable cars with Lancia badge ever and a very successful rally car! This is a first series from 1969.



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