1971 Alfa Romeo 1750 GTAm (S.Rokkos)

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This album dedicated to my very good friend and Greek race car Champion Sotiris Rokkos


Big piece of Greek racing alfa romeo history is in this car. The perfect racer that won loads of titles in Hillclimb and circuits in the Greek Historic National championship and broke most records the past 9 years.

Since 2009 it has a 1750 GTAm engine (1995cc with monosleeve) 235Hp/8000rpms built within the FIA rules and the GTAm 1750 Homologation. The cost for the engine alone, was more than 60,000€ in Milano.

The car includes all the goodies for a perfect replica.

Some of its tech details include:

Colotti T180 straight teeth tranny

Colotti (copia frenata LSD) and extra LSDs with different gear complete rear ends

4 to 1 custom headers and sidepipe

Racing suspension

29mm anti-sway bar

Slitone (GTA/GTAm)

Aluminum Gas tank

GTAm aluminum air ventilated brakes

GTAm campagniolo 9 x 13 (4 original 6 replicas)

Also 10 x 13, 9 x 13, 10 x 15, 9 x 15 Revolution race split wheels

Total expenses, besides personal work, are more than €140,000.

General history

The GTAm (1969–1971) could produce up to 240 PS (180 kW; 240 hp) in the 2000 cc car—a car usually related to the GTA, but unlike the GTA derived from the GTV 1750 (US version).


The 1750 GTAm (later called 2000 GTAm when the 2000 GTV was introduced) was created in 1969. There are two schools of thought about the "Am" moniker, neither one ever having been officially confirmed by Alfa Romeo: one expands Am to Alleggerita Maggiorata (Italian: lightened enlarged), the other America Maggiorata. Most likely the latter is closer to the truth. The car had a full steel body modified with aluminium and / or plastic parts. Because of an increased minimum weight in 1971 (up from 920 to 940 kg), the GTAm's had less need for aluminium and / or plastic parts. The base for the GTAm was the 1750 GTV with a SPICA mechanical fuel injection system.


The majority of the genuine GTAm's built by Autodelta have a chassisnumber starting with 105.51.XXXXXX. The European market 1750 GTV with dual carburettors from Dell'Orto or Weber carburetor and chassisnumbers starting with 105.44.XXXXXX was also used as a base. The same goes for the 2000 GTV and the 1300 GT Junior bodyshell that was lighter. Note that some racing teams and private workshops ordered the parts from Autodelta and other tuners and assembled the cars themselves on a new or existing bodyshell. The original 1750 engineblock (actually 1779 cc) was used and by inserting a monosleeve instead of four individual cilinderliners, received 1985 cc and later to 1999 cc to participate in the 2000 cc class, explaining the "maggiorata" (enlarged).


According to the sources, some 40 GTAm's were built by Autodelta and by private workshops. This number is difficult to verify as the GTAm's didn't have their own specific chassisnumber series.            

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