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1950 Lancia Ardea Vici 750 Sport

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In 1950, the gentleman-driver Alessandro Vici, a  rich owner of Pesaro he had bought a Benelli crafted frame without the engine with a vision to build a small racecar to patrticipate in domestic rallies, based on Lancia Ardea with a Topolino engine elaborated (probably) by Faccioli, the tiny & light type "barchetta" body created by aluminium from carrozzeria Ortolani, the platform must taken also from Lancia Ardea or FIAT Topolino. 


The unique racecar used mainly in large road races that are organized in different regions of Italy and to which Alessandro Vici participates in driver position and accompanied by P. Rossi, Rinaldo Cardinali and Enrico Adanti.


Among the results, always appreciable, two class victories stand out:

the one on over 1,000 kilometers of the Giro di Sicilia 1952 (where Vici is accompanied by Rinaldo Cardinali)

and the one at the Giro dell'Umbria 1953 (where Vici alternates driving with Enrico Adanti ).

He participated in the 1951 Mille Miglia in the 750 sport class driven by Vici and Rossi.

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