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Classic Car Parade Stara Zagora 2019

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Post event press publications

Over 170 classic cars shown in Artileriiski park in Stara Zagora on 5th of October 2019. The great event was made a record of participants on “XVIth classic car show Star Zagora” for the 25th anniversary of the “Classic car club of Stara Zagora”. Many of them was came with more one vehicle, as of Bulgaria and abroad. The Artileriiski park is new location for this event and it attract hundreds of participants and hundreds of audience. Here was and an award ceremony including 7 categories with big prizes made by wood carving master named Ζhivko Petrov (born in Varna, but working in Trqvna), from four different woods like a nut tree, pear tree, cherry tree and boxwood. Three members international jury working during the event and get final decisions for the winners. The members of the jury were Vasileios Papaidis (Greece), Aleksandar Vudojkovich (Serbia) and Ilijan Damjanov (Bulgaria). For the first time the organizers used tree part awarding for the participants and clubs.

The event was started at 10.00 and finished at 16.00 after awarding winners. On the place were organized catering, live music program with two rock bands. The organizers were based under branded white instant shelter. Here was and participants’ accreditation, during it everyone receive book for 25th years of club history from author Nikolay Koruderliev, sport flag of event and bottle of wine specially bottled and etiquetted for the event. For the first time the audience could give their vote for the best car.

The oldest car on the show was Ford T from 1910 and it get two of prizes – this for category “Best prewar car” and “The big prize of Major of Stara Zagora”. In the category “Best post war car” the winner was Rolls-Royce Silver Dawn from 1954, the Jawa 559 from 1972 is the winner via motorcycles. The car who win the award of the audience was an Buglarian made Custom Hot Rod based on a Studebacker chassis from 1937. “Most original car”’s prize was judged to Opel Record Olympia P1 from 1960. The organizers served their award to the little boy with most original pedal car Moskvich, on recommendation of jury. The awards were presented by president of the club Toncho Jelqzkov, vice president of the club Geno Ivanov, the chairmen of organization committee Gancho Baev, Nikolay Dikov from The City Council and Deputy Major Krasimira Chahova.

After the exhibition the cars crossed the town by parade.

The gala dinner for the 25th anniversary of the “Classic car club of Stara Zagora” was at the restaurant of 5 stars Park Hotel Stara Zagora. It included opera and jazz performances, Latin and modern dance, and DJ party.

At the Sunday morning 6th of October was a meeting of all chairs of national and sport clubs, and media for adopting a program for classic car events in Bulgaria during all 2020.


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Photo album by Nikolay Ivanov
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Details and highlights

On this event I had the honour & the pleasure to be one of the 3 International judges, the 3 membered jury included: Alexander Vidojkovic (RS) & Ilian Damjanov (BG). 


Through this presentation I would like to thank the organizers of this excellent classic car event for its honorable invitation and for asking me to participate in the role of international judge, I have tried to do my best through my knowledge from all these years I actively involved in this field. The hospitality was incredible, the food, the fun and the friendship between people who truly love classic cars and such events like this one I highly recommend to all my fans & followers! Last but not least I like to thank all participants for the excellent cooperation and respect they have given to our judgment as a jury.

Minor updates soon as possible..

Vasileios Papaidis, researcher, photographer & book author from special classic cars.


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