1961 Alfa Romeo Giulietta SZ

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History of the car


The Sprint Zagato (SZ) was a race version Giulietta that was specially prepared by Zagato in direct agreement with Alfa Romeo. It was based on the shorter chassis of the Giulietta Spider combined with the mechanicals of the racier Sprint Veloce. Franco Scaglione designed the body in Bertone's studio, while the aluminum panels were beat out by hand at Zagato's workshop.


Because of its small size, and aluminum bodywork, the SZ was much faster than its steel-bodied production counterparts. Furthermore, the car used a space frame chassis, which was totally unlike the production Giulietta. Zagato also used perspex side windows and a relatively sparse interior to help reduce weight.

SZ was first shown at the Geneva Motorshow in March 1960. The overall shape of the car reflected the unofficial Sprint Veloce (SVZ) cars which were rebodied by Zagato as early as 1956.


The last 30 of in the 200 car production run featured a long tail called the 'Coda tronca'. The entire body was much longer, and was designed to penetrate the air better. Detail changes included a cut-off Kamm tail, narrower front air intake, a lower roof and the use of disc brakes up front.

By 1959 the SZ's replacement the Tubulore Zagato (TZ) was well underway. After extensive development the car was finally launched in 1963.


This example is a Fulvio Lauricella racecar, raced in Targa Florio & many other importand period races included at Targa Florio Historic 2000 winning the overall category.Now the car exposed to the public in Motor Village Palermo.

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