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The "Frankfurt Flyer" is an aluminum bodied one-off "Special" hand-built by Chris Runge (better known as Chris At The Motoring Journal) in 2012.

The design was inspired by the Glockler VW and Porsche Specials that were built from 1949-1954 in Frankfurt Germany. Walter Glockler was a VW Franchise Dealer in Frankfurt. Shortly after WWII Glockler began work on a mid-engine racing special utilizing Volkswagen running gear and power. This little Glockler had beautifully streamlined aluminum coachwork done by C.H. Weidenhausen.

The car was campaigned in dozens of races throughout Germany and the surrounding area. The Glockler Special caught the attention of Ferry Porsche. When Porsche learned of Glockler being a VW Franchise dealer, it is said that he approached Glockler on the grounds of a possible breach in contract for racing the VW "Eigenbau" Special. Ferry Porsche and Walter Glockler came to an agreement that the car would continue racing but now use Porsche Power and the Porsche badge. Glockler continued to race this car, the first of at least four "Specials" he had made.

The Glockler VW Eigenbau Special eventually evolved into what we now know as the Porsche 550. Fascinated by this story and the history behind it, lifelong Porsche enthusiast Chris Runge began sketching pictures and making plans to build his own "Special" inspired by the Glockler cars. Chris states "My goal wasn't to recreate any particular car. The emphasis on my design was the idea that perhaps my car could pass as the missing Glockler." Chris's "Frankfurt Flyer" is heavily inspired by Glockler #1 which was initially powered by a modified 36HP Volkswagen Engine. Using a ladder frame rail chassis, mid engine configuration, VW front beam and rear transaxle,

Chris began work on his car.


Chris had never built a car before, as a matter of fact, he didn't even know how to weld when he started. But he was determined to learn and build his own racing special. Chris started by building the floor pans and outer rockers. He then built a wooden buck entirely from eye, without any drawings or specifications. Once the wooden buck took shape Chris began hammering and wheeling metal. The car was built true to the fashion of tools and workmanship one might have used in the late 1940's and early 1950's.


After 7 months of painstaking work in his Minnesota barn during the 2011-2012 winter, the spring warmth thawed the snow and his creation was finally rolled outside into the light.

The raw aluminum body glistened in the sun. Chris did the final paint with the help of his uncle Jim Runge. The Frankfurt Flyer currently runs a modified 40HP Volkswagen engine and boasts a red stripe running across the hood which would designate the 2000CC race class. Chris states "The car handles amazingly well. It weighs 1010 LBS and is nearly perfectly corner balanced. In my opinion it is the most satisfying and exciting car I've ever driven!" Chris plans to build 3 Frankfurt Flyer Spyders and also has designed a 2 Seat, Coupe version of the car which is available for order & new continuation versions is recently available

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