Giordanengo Spider

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First presentation of this mystery car in the net was at an interesting blog from Mike Gulett with much attention in rare classic cars, specially at G.Bizzarrini creations.


Jack Koobs de Hartog is the author of several books about Bizzarrini and Mike contact with him in question from Darren Frank about this car, to give us his valid informations for this car called "AMX/Spider"


This is the words from Jack Koobs de Hartog about it.

In 1969 Richard Teague commissioned Bizzarrini and Diomante to build a series of prototypes for their AMX/3.Due to a lack of American Motors money the project ended after about six were built and it was agreed that all had to be scalped, parts in stock included.No one knows, or wants to tell, exactly what happened but more than six AMX/3’s still survive and now and then a new one is ‘found’. Apparently not all of the parts were scrapped.Then, in 2000/2001, suddenly an AMX Spider appears.The present owner stated that he acquired the car in 1992 from Mr. Giorgio Giordanengo from Cuneo, Italy. A well known ‘restorer’of classic cars. Also a sheet with technical specifications, undated but signed by Giotto Bizzarrini, accompanied the car. Amongst others he states “Anno di progettazione e sostruzione prototipo: 1970/71”. That doesn’t mean that this specific car was built in 1970/71. The prototype was built then. Was that the AMX/3 (later Sciabola) prototype?Although Giotto Bizzarrini was interviewed dozens of times over the years he never mentioned the AMX Spyder project.But of course there is/was the AMX/3 – Sciabola owned by Mr. Diomante living ‘around the corner’ from Mr. Giordanengo. So, till proven otherwise, it is my supposition that this Spider was built in the 1990s having some left over AMX/3 suspension parts used to build it.That could be all the AMX there is in it. It doesn’t even shelter an American Motors engine, the wheelbase and track differs from the AMX/3 and it looks like a Bizzarrini P538.Strange thing is that the documentation shows the name “AMX Spider” while it was labeled at the Brussels Bizzarrini Expo as a “Bizzarrini P538”. Though the Expo catalog again says “AMX Spider”.So in what aspect do we have to assume that this is an AMX ??

Certainly there is not an original AMX or Bizzarrini car,anyway it's still charming! Vasileios Papaidis

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