1959 Ashley 1172 Sports Barchetta 

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History of the car


Ashley gained a reputation from the Sportiva for creating good looking laminates and moved into re-bodying other sports cars like the Midget and a Swiss importer even saw a possible market for re-bodying the Morgan Plus 4 with the Sportiva body shell showing the car off on Morgans Geneva stand! The Sportiva wasn’t the only car to find new life though, the 1172 was thoroughly redesigned again, but this time by Reliant and found new life in the Israeli-Tamworth Reliant Sabre, the ancestor to the Scimitar.


This very rare British Sport "Barchetta" from 1959 Ashley 1172 roadster (formerly registered in the UK as 738 KTE), now living in Italy. In the 1950s a company called Ashley Laminates sold various bodyshells, which were designed to fit onto Ford Popular chassis and running gear. Many companies produced similar bodyshells, usually made from fibreglass (as with the Ashley), the idea being that enthusiasts could build themselves a sportscar using cheap-to-buy parts, usually either Ford or Austin based. The car has been finished to a very high standard. Enthusiasts of old Ford specials will have already spotted the rare 15 inch Ballamy steel wheels that this car is fitted with. The basic Ashley 1172 shell went on to be adapted and used by Reliant Cars of Tamworth for their Sabre range of the 1960s.


1959 Ashley Sport - 1172 has had a radical restoration and has taken part in many prestigious events like The Mitiche Sport a Bassano, Gran Premio Nuvolari, Coppa d'Oro delle Dolomiti, Aido Trophy,Circuito Di Avezzano and many others..

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