Effeffe Berlinetta

A Brand new car with a great flavor from the golden era from the end of '50s

Frigerio brothers, are passionate about vintage cars and who have established over the years a broad knowledge of the industry. This car is his child and the name of it Effeffe Berlinetta.The cockpit interior was entrusted to the savoir-faire of Matteograssi which, since 1880, has become world renowned for the quality of their coach hide and leather and for their attention to craftsmanship.

Produced entirely by hand, the Effeffe Berlinetta is a car constructed with the same care with which craftsmen constructed the famous Gran Turismo at the end of the 1950s; a car of strong character, both formal and substantial, that expresses uniqueness, fascination and the aesthetic qualities of great design.

The new effeffe Berlinetta represents the spirit of the craftsmen who created the industry's history and contributed to a car's success: from the frame builder to the engineer and the mechanic, from the sheet metal worker to the test driver, and we must not forget the importance of the master leatherworker, entrusted with the task of making the cockpit not only welcoming, but elegant, comfortable and luxurious.

With completely Italian DNA, the effeffe Berlinetta fully reflects the sprit of the Fuoriserie, which few know were born from the exacting passion of Italian craftsmen. It was in 1946 when, on the occasion of the cycle of events known as "Les Premières Journées d'Elegance" in Lausanne, the international press was struck by the originality of the cars made by a group of Italian custom car manufacturers. In contrast to the large automakers, who were quite behind in the production of new models, the cars presented by small craftsmen were defined as "fuori serie of exceptional interest", and from that moment forward, the term became a symbol of elegance and style.


Able to give emotion, constructed and finished trying to guess and satisfy not only the aesthetic taste of the future driver, but more than this trying to express his personality surely not usual.

The importance of the human relationships intertwisted in those years with that maniple of highly professional and skilled artisans, excited to have a chance to be back in the game and ready to share their big experience with the help of the best technology available today, made it possible to crown the dream: the construction of a small series of SS Berlinetta, entirely handmade, each one different from the other. Each with its own personality.

The design concept of the shape and the size was essential: "What is not needed should not simply be" so many times the result was of a significant cleansing and absolute essentiality.
It was not unusual that the result was a car os splendid beauty and great emotion.


Strong of the experience and the know-how put together in those years with the passion that over time has even increased, we thought it might be interesting to put to use all we had learnt. Manufacturing a car as the artisans built the famous Gran Turismo at the end of the '50, a hybrid Gran Turismo with mechanics derived from the series an revised according to the new requirements, the rest being born from a blank sheet of paper. A car full of personality , both formal and substantive, which expresses the skills of those artisans too often forgottenand who on the contrary have given so much in terms of uniqueness, charm and design.


The tubular frame is designed with the help of CAD systems and innovative programs for the checking of the successive stages of cutting and automatic resistance control.
The result is a very rigid but at the same time considerably light frame.
All aluminum body, hand-hammered. The details of the body , grids, frame strips, door and bonnet handles are entirely hand-made.

The interiors, finished in leather, are entirely hand-stitched. The large customization enables the selection among countless colour combinations for the coverings of the dashboard, seatings, door panels and the small luggage compartment behind the seats. The floor is all covered with pure wool carpets in a wide range of finishings and colours.

The engine deriving from Alfa Romeo 2000 is completely revised by a worldknown engineering workshop and while maintaining high reliability , develops about 170 HP, power closed to the best modern racing units with naturally aspirated engine and a very soft output curve which enbles and easy cruising even at low speed of rotation.

Wire Wheel : classic centre lock, centre cap and splined hubs, rims in steel, 15x6.00”
Luggage set, created in the luggage compartment and the relative measure of the golf bag.
Choice between classic rime size and alt sizing tires period designs of tread pattern, road or race type.
Heating and air conditioning systems available on request.

Set up test drive in circuit for personalized car handling. Race driving session on track available on request.

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