1952 Monaci 8C Bimotore Zagato

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History of the car

This extreme rare race car built in Napoli and the name was from its designer and builder.Bodied by the famous coachbuilder Zagato and he made his debut in F1 Grand Prix at Monza in 1952.He has participated in several road races such as the Mille Miglia.

The idea of Ciro Monaci..
At the end of the forties Ciro Monaci built a racing car using a system of his own invention,for coupling two engines derivation Fiat 1100 S so that , while maintaining a certain economy of use,would increase the power. This his car,driven by several drivers, including the same Ciro Monaci,John Rocco,Giuseppe Ruggiero,took part in several competitions with satisfactory results to the point of convincing the manufacturer to patent the coupling system of the engine and then chase the dream of see one of his creatures running around the track with cars and famous drivers.


The design and implementation

Thoroughly studied the car in its possession, even asking the board to which the famous pilots did try, a very important aid and encouragement came to him from Luigi Fagioli , he began to build the only car that came to our days : the first car,in fact, was destroyed in an accident in the race. Ciro Monaci took advantage of the best Italian producers for the construction of the most important parts of his car , so the frame and the cradle that supports the two engines , especially with respect to this innovative " laboratory car",were commissioned to "GILCO" which produced frames even for Ferrari engine was in charge of the trees the company " Violin ", this recognized as an authority in your field , the body designed and built by " ZAGATO ", so even the valves , wheels and many other details,in order to to meet the huge expenditure, Ciro Monaci,aided by his brother Renato,dealer Isotta Fraschini ,patented and sold a torque converter for marine engines to "Chrisler",but finally ended in May 1952 the construction of the car in time to participate the "V Grand Prix Autodromo" at Monza. the races. 

The performance of the car,driven by John Rocco, were quite satisfactory,considering that among the starters were , among others, the likes of Fangio,Villoresi,Ascari and Gonzales who wore the debut Ferrari 500 which enabled him to win the championship in 1952 and 1953,the first for the house of Maranello. The speed,measured just outside of the parabolic curve,it was a little over the 200 kilometers per hour,about the same as the Ferrari and Maserati.In the race the car was forced to retire with a technical problem.After the race,the car was brought in Zagato that mounted fenders and lights to comply with current regulations in road races . With varying fortunes took part in "Circuit of Posillipo", the "Cetara ,Capo d'Orso," the "Atrani","Ravello," and other minor events,conducted by Giuseppe Ruggiero and the same Ciro Monaci. Remained idle for nearly thirty years,was sold by the youngest of the brothers,Monaci only one still alive at the time, and she came back to be felt and seen,for about twenty years,on the Italian roads.


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