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1966 Caprera 850 Berlinetta prototype

Carrozzeria Caprera was founded in Turin as a mounting scocche oil, for several years its production had been based exclusively on orders from the major national bodyworks companies.

In 1959, Caprera began its production with the aim of setting up an assembly line, but the execution of this plan had no interesting developments. Its production was subsequently concentrated on commercial vehicles from a small to medium scale.

This one-off sport prototype never goes to production and abandoned for many years.


The beautiful sport coupe based in FIAT 850 chassis and mechanics, also the engine was from the same model. Stylistic the car is very close to Moretti designs, reminds basically the Ferrari Dino lines as well. Its launch price, 1,150,000. Lire, in January 1966 when it was offered for sale.

The car now is still alive with Moretti badges unknown why, maybe to get more easly plates as a street legal car and it is in nice condition as you can see in my photo exclusive gallery. For any further information this page can be updated.


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