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An entire section of France's history was written during the Peugeot "adventure", which began at the dawn of the twentieth century. Enter this temple dedicated to the automotive history of one of the most fabulous stories of French industry.

The Peugeot Museum of Adventure offers a unique ride in Sochaux in one of the brand's flagship models.

You can admire in chronological order the first vehicles designed by the brand ("Vis à vis" of 1891, a quadricycle of 1892 ...) as well as prototypes of futuristic cars of tomorrow, and unique cars, such as a Popemobile or the Torpedo 1911.

And if the history of cars, or of the "little queen" enthuses you, you can also visit the space devoted to two-wheels, installed in a setting like the village square. A fun discovery at the heart of the French car brand.


History of the museum...

It was in 1982 that Pierre Peugeot, who was at that time the President of the Supervisory Board of the PSA Peugeot-Citröen group, created the Peugeot Adventure Association. The purpose of this association is to collect and organise the heritage of a family and a firm. In 1984 the foundations were laid out for what would become the future Museum.

A Museum that allows the know-how of hundreds of thousands of workers to be highlighted, workers who have worked and who continue to work for the brand whose symbol is the lion for two centuries. The museum, in its original version, was inaugurated in July 1988. The exposition / reception areas were tripled in size in June 2000. More than 1.600.000 visitors have discovered the museum since its opening

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