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11th Circuito Di Avezzano 2023

All photography work is copyrighted by the author, please don't download and publish these pictures in the internet without my permission! 

Larger high quality pictures is available only for donators up on request! Vasileios Papaidis 2023 © All Rights Reserved

"Have you ever seen the colours of a lake while climbing a picturesque mountain? Have you ever driven your classic on the winding roads of a forest? Have you ever driven in a summer’s night breeze? If you answered No any of the above, well here is your chance! Experience Abruzzo National Park and Circuito di Avezzano at night. Live one weekend full of elegance in beautiful italian nature along with amazing classic cars!


Regione verde d’Italia!

Among the Italian regions, Abruzzo is the one with the largest number of parks and protected areas: three National Parks, a Regional Park and over thirty Nature Reserves, a record that makes the region the largest naturalistic area in Europe, the true green heart of the Mediterranean. A dance of scents, flavours and vibrations to experience together the enchantment of a wonderful land.

Storia, arte, natura!

The Circuito di Avezzano takes you to discover unexpected places. Three days of intense passion and unspoiled nature, on deserted roads, ancient villages and majestic mountains.But surprises don't stop there. The tenth edition of the Avezzano Circuit, which cuts through the city in the night, brings to life the magic of the races of the past, aboard sportscars, "barchettas" and prewar cars. Appointment is from 1 to 3 July 2022 for this event selected by the prestigious ASI Tricolore Circuit, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Tourism, Culture, Transport, Infrastructures and ANCI.

The city circuit at night!
"The historic center of Avezzano transforms itself for one night and becomes the stage for a unique event. The moment most awaited by the participants and the population: the city circuit.

Fifteen thousand people watch the parade of 100 vintage cars built from 1908 to 1970, all uncovered, whizzing along a track that winds over two kilometers of roads closed to traffic.

The presence of sports and entertainment personalities stimulates the curiosity of the spectators who, already several hours before departure, crowd behind the barriers waiting for the concert of engine roars.

The audience is that of great occasions, the traders leave the windows lit as a sign of collaboration, the drivers stroll amiably in the city center crowding the bars for an aperitif.
The large Piazza Risorgimento is full of cars, expertly arranged to be admired.
The adrenaline mounts, the engines heat up."

Vasileios Papaidis 

From my experiences box: Feeling proud to drive the Mille Miglia 1953 Bandini 750 Siluro Sport with the constructor & great friend Dino Bandini, among 100 participants  enjoying the night Circuito, thanks to all, it was an amazing experience! Foto: Circuito di Avezzano - Abruzzo Grand Tour 2023.
When people from media ask me:
"What Circuito di Avezzano is"?
I say: "Is the only event that a few seconds from the closing ceremony you looking forward to the next one" 
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