1937 FIAT 500 SIATA Sport

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SIATA History

Siata (Società Italiana Auto Trasformazioni Accessori in English Italian Car Transformation Accessories Company) was an Italian car tuning shop and manufacturer founded in Turin in 1926 by engineer,motoring jurnalist & amateur race car driver Giorgio Ambrosini.

Siata initially sold performance parts to modify and tune cars manufactured by Fiat like Fiat 522, 524, 514 & 508 Balilla.Siata's early work included supercharging the FIAT 514,but was more notable for a similar conversion on the FIAT Balilla in 1932,in1936 the company turned its attention to the Topolino with its powerless 13bhp engine and fitted an OHV head that offered.

After World War II, the company began making its own sports cars under the Siata brand until its eventual bankruptcy following the first Arab oil embargo in the mid-1970s in total of around 13.000 cars.

Production of the Siata's first wholly original design the Siata Amica began in 1948 and continued through 1952.

This car based in FIAT 500 chassis and mechanics from 1937 and later updated to a small racecar by SIATA for competition at it's era.

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