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1st global book presentation at

Motorcycle Museum Athens

Titled: Vignale Abarth 205/A the story of chassis 205*102

A new book by our Vasileios Papaidis on the subject of the first Abarth, the 1st world presentation took place at our Motorcycle Museum in Athens, overlooking the Acropolis.  

One of the most beautiful and rare classic cars in the world is the 1950 Abarth 205/A Berlinetta, this is the subject of a new book by researcher, photographer and author Vasileios Papaidis, which sheds light on its exact history and unknown aspects, which so far no one in the world knows. 

This is another work by the author who is considered one of the most evolving connoisseurs of the rare classic Italian cars, a huge success that fills us all with pride and optimism for the future.

The impeccable aesthetic book with the great historical findings mentioned inside is "invested" with the author's fantastic photographic work, which is a multifaceted natural talent recognized inside and outside Social Media.

The book is prefaced by the son of the legendary designer Giovanni Michelotti, Edgardo, who is also a well-known and successful designer, the epilogue of the book is signed by the widow of the legend Carlo Abarth Mrs. Anneliese Abarth and these in themselves indicate the deep recognition in the face of the Greek author.

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Book contents

* Prologue written by mr. Edgardo Michelotti designer & son of the master Giovanni Michelotti

* Entry with the start of Carlo Abarth, the Abarth & Co and contrast with the other two chassis 101 &103.

* Historic research of the specific chassis number, racing career , ownership, new discoveries & unpublished documents shown for the first time in public, giving light to the true history of the car.

* Restoration experience from expert mr. Walter Faralli

* Driving experience and overview by the author.

* Epilogue written by C. Abarth's wife ms. Anneliese Abarth president of Carlo Abarth Foundation

& many more...


"What have you done to your car and it is stronger than mine?"

Asked Carlo Abarth with Austrian accent to Giovanni Michelotti beating his fists on the table when in 1961 he called him to his office: during the tests on the Monza circuit, the Giulietta "Goccia" prototype of Michelotti-Conrero run faster than his Zagato: Michelotti timidly replied...(the rest on the book).

Edgardo Michelotti


When a "dream of life" is fulfilled, you ought to feel complete.
It is extremely difficult to capture the emotions that you feel and want to move to other passionate people like you through a book, the agony to read the impressions of your readers is comparable to the anxiety that you feel when you hold the wheel of such a historic car!

Vasileios Papaidis, book author.


This first global presentation took place under the Acropolis on May 30 from 7 to 10 at the Hellenic Motorcycle Museum.

In our fantastic space that houses excellent classic motorcycles from the beginning of the last century until the latest technology collectibles, all perfectly preserved for the eyes of the fans of the 2 wheels and not only!

Flawless host Takis Mariolopoulos, after presenting his collection to the honored guests, finally led them to the Loft of the Museum and overlooking the Acropolis gave the step to Vasileios Papaidis to talk not only about his latest book, but also about all the previous ones and to answer all the questions asked to him by those present.

The whole event closed with the illuminated Acropolis accompanied by very good bottled wine with the label of Motorcycle Republik, selected by Takis, extremely collectible souvenirs were given by the host to all those who honored the event with their presence and Vasileios Papaidis signed his first books who went to Greek hands before they traveled abroad, since already collecting friends of Abarth and Museums from 10 countries have asked to own this very valuable work of our Kingdom, including the Abarth Museum in Belgium!

He says he is extremely excited and proud of both this warm event and the progress of this book.

For our part, as Greeks, we are doubly proud that such a worthy friend of ours is advertising the country with his achievements and more broadly, our culture and knowledge.

Warm congratulations and have a good trip, dear mr. V. Papaidis, and to your superiors!

Takis Mariolopoulos Hellenic Motorcycle Museum

All Vasileios Papaidis books is not a commercial products, works as a gift for donators to the non profitable

Vasileios experience video

Vasileios inteview in Greek media

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