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The story of my book

It all started a year and a half ago when I received a mail from a polite man from the USA.

I was surprised when he asked to buy the photos from my site relevant to a unique car, the FIAT Patriarca 1100 Sport Pininfarina.

After reading the message I smiled as after hundreds of thieves of my photographic work, at last a decent man wants to compensate me in order to possess part of the work produced the last 20 years by photographing amateur rare cars in the world and writing their history at the same time.

I asked him why he wanted to have my material from a unique car in the world and he replied that the reason is simple, I’m the owner and I want to have them lawfully……

After my initial shock by this unprecedented in dignity movement I had some questions about how it is possible to own a car which, as I know, is in Italy and I see it every year in the race Circuito Di Avvezano where I have all my photographic material from.

I tried to figure out what was happening in a tactful way and whether he was the victim of a fraud of a copy of the car as I knew very well the famous owner Mr. Peppino Valerii, a man with a huge profile as a connoisseur and collector of classics with historic interest; his collection also lists many rare expensive Ferraris, but he had the passion and the desire only for this humble rare FIAT, which he wanted to drive in all the classic rally in his country.

So I say to myself  “How is it possible this man to part from his favourite car and how did it get so far……?”

So as not to tire you with all these, we decided to get in touch to be able to find out what exactly had happened and the FIAT is now in the USA.

What I heard was not pleasant at all because it was indeed the authentic car found in America due to the death of the former owner……… I was worn down when heard the unpleasant incident; the only relief was the aura of the new owner who told me

“I will take care of it as he did, Vasilleios, don’t worry”

The book then travelled to the new owner and that’s where I thought it was all over...

Very limited 50 copies ordered by privet message or mail at
All 50 numbered books signed by the author.

Handmade,hardcovered,with 20 hard pages from quality photographic paper and quality construction materials,dimensions 20 x 26 (20 x 52 when the book is open) includes the history of officina Patriarca,about Barchetta body style,history & documents of this one-off racecar and some notes for the great ex.owner Pepino Valerii.

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