1967 Porsche 910

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A purpose built racing car, the Porsche Carrera 10, or 910, was designed specifically for international endurance racing. Based heaving on the Porsche 906, the 910 was produced and entered in 1966 and 1967. With the 910 considered to be the next sequence in the 906 line, the factory name for the 910 was the 906/10. The 910 differed from the original 906 with its use of 13-inch wheels and tires like in Formula One , and it was shorter and lighter which made it good competition for the more powerful GT40 and Ferrari prototypes. The 910 also featured a single large central nut rather than the 5 lugs in the 904 and 906's, which made the racecar not street suitable, but it definitely saved time at pitstops. The Porsche 910 measured 161 inches in length, was 66 inches wide and 38 inches high.


Halfway through 1966 the Porsche 910 began to be entered, starting with the 1966 European Hill Climb Championship from Sierra to Crans-Montana in Switzerland. Powering the Porsche was either the dependable 2000 cc 6-cylinder the produced 200 hp or the 2200 cc 8-cylinder with up to 270 hp.

The factory only racing the 910 for about a year during which it was very successful. The 910's main class rival was Ferrari Dino 206P which was quickly beaten. In 1967 at the 1000 km Nürburgring a fleet of 6 factory cars were entered in an effort by Porsche to score the first overall win in Porsche's home event. Though two of the three 8-cylinder engines broke down, the remaining one finished 4th place. Giving Porsche their first outright win in a third major event of the World Sportscar Championship for Porsche, the three 6-cyl won 1-2-3. The new Porsche 907 'long tails' was already entered in Le Mans and finished 5th in front of a 910 and two 906's.


Designed for endurance racing, the Porsche 910 received its racing baptism and recorded its first success in the European Hillclimb Championship of 1966. The following year, the factory extensively campaigned the 910 in the world's most prestigious endurance races, after which the car became available to privateers. Raced with both six- and eight-cylinder engines, the 910 proved competitive, recording outright victories in Sicily's Targa Florio (910/8) and Germany's 1000-Kilometers of Nurburgring where the 910/6 finished 1-2-3.

Although the 910 continued to be raced by privateers for several years, it was soon out-classed by the competition due to the rapid advances in technology. The high-water mark for 910 was 1967, when the car was raced exclusively by the Porsche factory.

Designer: Porsche Experimental Department
Under the leadership of Ferdinand Piëch and Helmut Bott


My photography work at Autodromo di Pergusa & Floriopoli Natural Museum at Monte Pellegrino Historic 2015.

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