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Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo 2019 in Greece

All photography work is copyrighted by the author, please don't download and publish these pictures in the internet without my permission! 

Larger high quality pictures is available only for donators up on request! Vasileios Papaidis 2019 © All Rights Reserved

Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo (RIAR)


Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo International Club (RIAR) is a non-profit association founded in Rome in 1962 by Francesco Santovetti, a pioneer of historical motor-racing in Italy who also served as the Club’s first President, and Baron Giorgio Franchetti.A passionate collector and great expert not only on cars but above all on art, in particular futurism and avant-gardes. He was the patron of Schifano, Tano Festa, Pino Pascali, Cy Twombly, Franco Angeli, and others. 
He promoted and launched Fontana, Castellani, Manzoni, and Bonalumi (together with the Alfa Romeo Style Center in Arese the latter designed the Alfa Romeo monument funded by the RIAR for the brand's 100th anniversary). His grandfather was the owner of the Cà d'Oro in Venice.

Acknowledging the merit and brand image potential of the association, in 1968 Alfa Romeo relocated RIAR to Milan in its then headquarters of Via Gattamelata, in the Portello district.

With a new office in Arese (Milan, Italy) within Museo Storico Alfa Romeo, today RIAR boasts over 2000 Members around the world, including respected museums showcasing rare discontinued Alfa Romeo models. From vintage cars dating back to the 1910s and 20s to the most recent Formula 1 race cars that saw the light of day in the 1980s, RIAR Members take great pride in the preservation of the originality and excellence of their outstanding vehicles. These are the cars that wrote Alfa’s history and turned it into legend, cars made to stir passion and strong emotions anywhere, anytime.

RIAR is a travelling museum offering every year rallies and events that bring together countless members and Alfa enthusiasts both in Italy and abroad. From the classy luxurious saloon cars of the 1920s to the fiery sports cars of the 1930s that shared the triumphs of unforgettable drivers like Nuvolari and Varzi, from the majesty and speed of the vehicles produced in the 1940s and 50s to the svelte Giulietta design, every event retraces almost 100 years of Italian life and customs and almost 100 years of stylistic and technological innovation by one of the most captivating car-makers on the planet.

Why to become an affiliate

Why to become a Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo affiliate?

  1. Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo is one of the first classic car associations in Italy (this year it celebrates its 52nd anniversary) and has acquired an extensive and solid experience in the field

  2. Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo shares its headquarters with the Car-maker it represents and is an integral part of Alfa’s history like no other association in the world

  3. For almost 50 years Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo has been a point of reference for the numerous Alfa Clubs all over the world

  4. Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo owns an invaluable archive and has full access to the Alfa Romeo/Fiat Auto Historic Archives and Documentation Centre: the Manager of these facilities traditionally also serves as RIAR Conservator, like Alfa historian Luigi Fusi

  5. Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo, thanks to its Technical Commission, certifies the historical value of classic Alfas and homologates them upon request, always keeping an eye on today’s models

  6. Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo is represented in the most prestigious international automobile associations (FIA, FIVA), is federated with ASI, and sits in all Government Commissions operating in its field

  7. Certifications and homologations issued by Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo guarantee the authenticity of a vehicle, setting authoritative standards of originality

  8. Because being an affiliated Club means joining a Community, not just virtual but made of real people of all ages who share the same passion and enthusiasm and are happy to live them out during the national and international events RIAR organizes every year

  9. Because becoming an affiliated Club means being a part of Alfa Romeo’s centennial history and sharing this unique experience with us

In response to the growing passion for Alfa Romeo and the increasing number of Members worldwide, RIAR has federated other Alfa Clubs offering them assistance, advice, technical and historical information and the chance to take part in our social events.

But above all the pleasure to share a great and deep passion. Driving a dream.

Every year RIAR organizes fascinating rallies in Italy and abroad, showcasing the most beautiful classic Alfa Romeos owned by our Members. A travelling museum that tells the exciting, legendary story of one of the most prestigious car-makers in the world.
These are true social events, usually organized under the aegis and in collaboration with the highest government institutions to emphasise the importance and prestige of the socio-cultural heritage RIAR promotes in all Alfa Romeo-related events.

In the best of RIAR’s tradition, these exclusive events combine picturesque and unusual itineraries, local culture and folklore, and a deeper appreciation of car history, with a special focus on Alfa Romeo.

RIAR rallies are held both in Italy and abroad: open to all Members, they represent the perfect venue to meet friends old and new who share the same intense passion for Alfa. Due to the limited number of participation slots, interested Members are kindly invited to contact our Secretary and register well in advance for any given event.

Except where otherwise specified, RIAR rallies do not involve ability nor regularity competitions. What they offer is the sheer pleasure of driving unique, immortal cars in a serene environment, far from everyday chaos and routine.



From Friday, 5 July to Sunday, 14 July 2019


The members of RIAR and their classic Alfa Romeo motorcars retrace the roads of Greece, cradle of modern civilization, for the third time.

After previous tours to Epirus and the Peloponnese, this year’s tour take start from Igoumenitsa (after a ferry ride from Ancona), to Thessaloniki, capital of Macedonia and birth land of Alexander the Great!

Tour stages include Lake Orestiada, Prespes National Park, Thessaloniki, a visit to the Edessa cascades, Lake Kerkini National Park as well

as Greece’s most beautiful Byzantine churches.

The opportunity of a day of relaxation on the wonderful beaches of Ammouliani not missed of course.

The Greek members of the club (mr.Angelos Papoulias) are organizing this event, their vast knowledge of this splendid country paved the way for many wonderful experiences during our past visits to Greece.

RIAR (79)_edited.jpg
RIAR (26).jpg

Hotel Meriterranean Palace

Noesis Science Center & Technology Museum

NOESIS Panorama

Aristotelous Square 

RIAR (45).jpg

Highlights & Details

For these 3 rare and important Alfa Romeo classics soon I will create special pages for each one with the history & and exclusive photographic material, thank you Registro Italiano Alfa Romeo for all.


1929 Alfa Romeo 1500 SS by Carlton


1937 Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 Pescara by Glaser


1938 Alfa Romeo 6C 2300 MM Berlinetta Touring Superleggera

At 1972 the great Greek Nobelist poet Odysseas Elytis after an driving experience with an Alfa Romeo Giulia he was wrote a poet about the feeling of an Alfa Romeo drive...enjoy!

"The Alfa Romeo"


I admired the Parthenon

in its every column

I found the golden mean


but today if I may say so

I find the good and beautiful

in a sports Alfa Romeo


Summer and winter let there be

all around me olive groves

behind me centuries


When the road before me takes off

and leads me into temptation

I step on it and floor the gas


With the power of a lion

and a background of birds

I reach a hundred miles per hour


Good-bye seas and mountains

good-bye and full speed ahead

for the Daughter of Lightning.

«H Alfa Romeo»

Θαύμασα τον Παρθενώνα
και στην κάθε του κολόνα
βρήκα τον χρυσό κανόνα

Όμως σήμερα το λέω
βρίσκω το καλό κι ωραίο
σε μια σπορ Alfa Romeo

Καλοκαίρια και χειμώνες
να 'ναι γύρω μου ελαιώνες
πίσω μου όλ' οι αιώνες

Κι όπου μπρος μου ο δρόμος βγάζει
και σε πειρασμό με βάζει
δώσ' του να πατάω το γκάζι

Με τη δύναμη του λιόντα
και με του πουλιού τα φόντα
πιάνω τα εκατόν ογδόντα

Γεια σας θάλασσες και όρη
γεια σας κι έχω βάλει πλώρη
για της Αστραπής την Κόρη.

"L'Alfa Romeo"

Ho ammirato il Partenone
in ogni sua colonna
Ho trovato la media dorata

ma oggi se posso dirlo
Trovo il buono e il bello
in una sport Alfa Romeo

Estate e inverno lascia che ci sia
tutto intorno a me uliveti
dietro di me secoli

Quando la strada prima di me decolla
e mi induce in tentazione
Ci passo sopra e terra il gas

Con il potere di un leone
e uno sfondo di uccelli
Raggiungo cento miglia all'ora

Addio mari e montagne
arrivederci e avanti alla meta
per la Figlia della Fulmine.

Thanks to the organizators of R.I.A.R., really touched for the wonderful presents! For an book writer a new special book in my library is always the best gift! 


My special photographic work "Vintage Heroes" with

the Alfa Romeo legends will be print illustrated.



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