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Museo Stanguellini

Inaugurated in 1996 by Francesco, the son of Vittorio Stanguellini this amazing establishment is located on the main road (Via Emilia) leading into the beautiful city of Modena. Vittorio was known as ‘the transformer’ in recognition of his skill in turning road cars into race cars. This process was more than merely stripping creature comforts just to make them lighter!

At any time there are approximately 30 vehicles displayed from time to time amongst which as a highlight you will see the Fiat Sport 750 Bialbero made especially for the 24 Hours le Mans race in 1958 to the Berlinetta 1100 an amazing body designed and constructed by Bertone, the Stanguellini Junior, the Stanguellini-Guzzi Colibri and many other glorious machines together with other mechanical extravaganza and trophies displayed. You will be amazed in following the victorious path of this extraordinary family of craftsmen.

General History

Vittorio Stanguellini traced his mechanical heritage to his grandfather's engineering works established in 1879 and his father who registered the first car in the city of Modena. Following World War I, Vittorio grew up in his father's FIAT sales and service agency when he gained expertise tuning racing engines. Under his leadership from 1929, Automobili Stanguellini produced a variety of small cars using FIAT components in which his cars achieved numerous victories in the 750cc and 1100cc classes.


Vittorio Stanguellini began tuning and modifying Maserati, Alfa Romeo and Fiat cars for racing. He was a friendly rival of Enzo Ferrari in Modena beginning in the late 1920s. Vittorio then formed Squadra Corse Stanguellini in 1938 and quickly found success when he modified a Maserati 6CM which took the overall victory at the 1938 Targa Florio.


Stanguellini's cars competed in countless sports car racing events, minor and major (such as the 1957 24 Hours of Le Mans) alike. Vittorio Stanguellini used his experience tuning Fiats in the pre-war days, and having raced them under the Squadra Stanguellini flag, he based his small racers on Fiat components. 


1959 Stanguellini Monoposto Formula Junior at the Apex of the Westinghouse Fountain turn at the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

Focusing on the 750 & 1100 cc classes (winning numerous National victories), Stanguellini sports cars were beautifully engineered cars with light-alloy cylinder blocks, twin overhead camshafts (bialbero) and dual side-draught Weber carburettors. This would add up to a claimed 60 bhp (40 kW) at 7500 rpm from the 741 cc sports engine and 90 bhp (70 kW) at 7000 rpm from the larger engine, providing top speeds of around 180 km/h (110 mph) and 190 km/h (120 mph) respectively.

Unlike many other of the so-called "Etceterinis", Stanguellini were loath to use foreign parts, instead relying on Fiat as much as possible. Bodywork was usually by local Carrozzeria Reggiano.

Vittorio Stanguellini tried very hard to gain a win at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, with his limited resources, he never was able to achieve this. His best finish was a fourth in class.


I enjoyed my visit to the Stanguellini Car Museum in Modena even more than the Ferrari & Lamborghini Museums. This is a private car and auto related memorabilia collection that is owned by Francesco Stanguellini. His family was in the sports and racing car business for most of the 20th century. This museum has a number of Stanguellini cars who dominand the races at 50s and 60s along with personal classic auto collection with brands like Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Mercedes, Porsche, Jaguar..etc, highlight is the Lola T-160.Surprisely I had an exeptional experience with stunning Ghia FIAT 2300S,this is one of the Stanguellini family racecars driven by Simone Stanguellini and Silvio Gozzo,Simone extend the tradition of the famous family with success. I had an absolutely delightful tour through the museum with the Stanguellini curator Arturo Vicario. He even took me to the old machine shop down stairs with lot of engines and trophies. Arturo is a treasure trove of automotive history, he is an old mechanic with history behind him to write a book with his life in the automotive business in Italy and Germany when he moved before a long time ago!If you visit Modena this is your next destination! This is a real "holy place" for all gearheads and Etceterini fans.Viva Italia, viva Stanguellini! Vasileios Papaidis

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