​1946 Volvo PV444 (LEKAM)

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It's easy.The Volvo PV is a series of two door, four passenger car models — the PV444 and the PV544 — made by Volvo from 1943 to 1966. During World War II's early stages, Volvo decided that a new smaller car delivering good fuel economy would assure the company's future. A raw materials shortage during the war drove home the point that an automobile should be smaller, and also complicated Volvo's ability to mass-produce the product.


In 1944, when the car was finally introduced to a car-hungry public, response was very positive and orders poured in from the Swedish population. It was another three years though, in 1947, before the production was made available.The PV444 was Volvo's first uni-body car. It was also the first Volvo in almost 20 years to come with a 4-cylinder engine. The first PV444s were powered by a 40 hp 1.4 L inline-4 engine designated the B4B, with three main bearings, overhead valves, and a single downdraft carburettor. Late in 1955, an uprated version called the B14A was given twin side-draught 1½ in SU carburettors. By the 1957 model year, engine displacement was increased to 1.6 L and both single downdraft- B16A and twin side-draught-carburetted B16B versions were offered. Fuel economy was quite above average and performance particularly with the twin carburetor configuration was brisk.


The combination of performance and durability won over many two-seat sports car drivers, allowing them a pleasurable drive in the entire family's company if desired. 

American styling influenced the appearance of the 444. This car was the first Volvo to have a unitary body without a separate frame. It was also equipped with a laminated windscreen, an important new safety innovation. Interest was enormous and the original planned production figure of 8,000 cars became almost 200,000 before the PV444 became the PV544. The 444 was the first small Volvo car and the one that really set car production at Volvo moving.


Special thanks for the concession of the car to my friend mr.George Tsalios president of LEKAM (Classic car club of Macedonia Greece). Vasileios Papaidis

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