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1966 Bizzarrini 5300 Spyder S.I. Prototype

Bizzarrini 5300 GT S.I. Spyder prototype created in 1966 on chassis number IA3*0245. They were designed by the unknown carrozzeria Stile Italia (S.I.), via Governolo 28 in Torino and built in cooperation with Sibona & Basano. It is interesting to note that the name Spyder had an "y" in it for marketing reasons, because the Italian alphabet does not know that letter as such. 

Factory prototype of only 2- Production spyders, 2835 lbs Chevy 327/420 bhp 2-seater all aluminum roadster. This was one of the stars of the 1966 Geneva Motor show, 1966 Torino show, Featured in Auto Italian , August 1966 issue Road & Track.

This Silver painted prototype was the Geneva show car - shown as a non runner at first built. The prototype was built on an tubular super structure of a Strada or GT America chassis with Bizzarrini full independent rear suspension owned by Mr.Bizzarrini company till 1969, loaned out from time to time to Stile Italia (S.I.) where they finished the mechanics as a runner, had re-painted in a color blue, put the headlights, vents in return (S.I) used this spyder for promotion of there company to promote there body building talents at auto shows all around Europe.


1969 Bizzarrini then went into bankruptcy his attorney received the silver prototype Spyder S.I and many remaining parts, he lived in Pisa, Italy a man by the name of Mr. Mancini. Mr. Bizzarrini confirmed to me he personally put the Engine in and made the Prototype spyder S.I operational for Mr. Mancini in the late 80's and (that was that). Mr. bizzarrini still lives in the same area as does Mancini this is where the silver prototype stayed for the next 31 years with less then 2000 miles on the clock and still the original tires. I do not know how the deal when down between Mr. Bizzarrini and his attorney on monies or a dollar amount for his services or what. I had located the prototype in Pisa, Italy thru a friend. I went to Italy and met with Mr. Bizzarrini in year 2000 to confirm all facts, and all documents from the past and then bought this car from Mr. Mancini. In the year 2000 it was shipped out of the same port of Livorno where Bizzarrini had shipped his cars from. It was then shipped back to the USA. This spyder was fully restored back to it original look in Silver w/covered headlights. By the American collector in 1999 and spent a 3-year restoration getting this spyder back to it original specifications.


This Prototype spyder has an all alloy body formed by hand. This 1966 prototype spyder was developed and built by Style Italia (SI) of Torino, Italy, In co-operation with Sibona e Basano, under Mr. Bizzarrini supervision. Other unique features of this 1966 Bizzarrini 5300 spyder (SI) Prototype included retractable headlights, seats molded into the body and a multi function roof design which allowed the spyder to be a coupe, targa or a full convertible Roadster, chrome front grill. The only 2-spyders with a full race rear independent suspension and the optional light weight Side Draft magnesium manifold w/4-45 DCOE #9 Weber carburetors on a 327/420 bhp Chevy, Special Camshaft, Heads & port work, special high-carbon steel connecting rods and 2.88 rear end. Won Best in class and People choice at the 2007 Keels and Wheels Concours d' Elegance in Houston, TX, 2008. Won a special design / finsih award at Meadow brook Concour d' Elegance.

You can tell a pedigree of a car by the name badge it carries. The prototype and the 1st Red production Bizzarrini 5300 spyder S.I. serial# BA4*108 carries 4 unique badges, (1) round Bizzarrini Badge on its nose and (1) well placed Bizzarrini script badge on it deck lid. 3rd and 4th badges has to be considered some of the rarest from Style Italia (SI) and Partner Sibona e Basano (SB) from of Torino, Italy. Well placed just behind the side cooling vents on each side of the front clip just in front of the side doors and behind the door. Both spyders the prototype and 1st production car had there own Catalog sheet from the factory. Present owner is Mark S Sassak of both spyders, the 1966 Silver Prototype # IA3 *245 and 1st Red production Bizzarrini Spyder #BA4*108.

Giotto Bizzarrini car's under his own badge could best be summed up as the closest thing to taking a race car and putting it on the street. His cars were offered at that time as the only production automobile in the world offering 20 Competition and Grand Touring features as standard equipment. It was a perfect marriage between combining American muscle and the reliability and durability in the small block Chevrolet corvette motor.

Car specifications

327 –350 & 365, 420 HP corvette motor with 11 to 1 compression
Optional light weight magnesium side -draft manifold w/45-dcoe Italian made webers carb.
Italian push rods
Sand bent header 4 into 2
Oversize magnesium oil pan.
Wind tunnel tested
All aluminum body bonded to a welded tube frame.
4-wheel independent suspension.
Koni adjustable shock-absorbers.
Magnesium 12 in disc brakes (inboard-at rear).
Double circuit servo assisted braking system.
Magnesium knock off wheels 7" front 9" rear
Dunlop racing tires.
Ideal placement of the motor to give a 50/50 weight distribution.
3- light weight alloy fuel tanks (7.5 gal reserve) totaling 35 gal. served by 3 fuel pumps, and still maintaining front to rear weight distribution with less than 1% variation from full to empty.
2-electric fans for the radiator.
Shoulder harness type safety belts.
Largest luggage compartment of any production sports car accommodates ample luggage and full size spare tire.
Weight of the bizzarrini spyder is 2535 lbs.
Steel roll bar.
Limited slip differential.
Grand Prix wood wheel
Electric Windows

1967 Torino Auto Show  On loan to Stile Italia, originally painted Silver - then painted Blue and headlights added for the show in 1967. In 1999 it was restored to the original state when it was first built and shown in 1966.

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