Museums I have visited

Swiss Museum of transport
August 2006/August 2013
Noesis Technology Museum
September 2011
Monteverdi Museum
August 2006

Peter Monteverdi was born in Binningen, where his father owned a small car repair shop, on June 7th, 1934. Even as a child whose favorite toy was a little pedal car, his enthusiasm for automobiles could be seen. Following his high school education, Peter Monteverdi worked as a volunteer in the
Vevey“-agricultural machine factory. He then began fis four-year apprenticeship as a mechanic in the Adolph Saurer truck factory in Arbon.
Musee d'Aventure Peugeot Montebeliard France (32).jpg
June 2009
Espera Sbarro
June 2009
Francesco Zefferino Sbarro, better known under the name of Franco Sbarro, was born on 27 February 1939, in Apulia (southern Italy). Son of a farmer, the young Italian will soon be interested in everything related to mechanics. Including motor cycles and scooters.
Hellenic Motor Museum
September 2011
Museo Ferrari Maranello
June 2012
Lamborghini Museum
June 2012
Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari
June 2012
Emotion. This is what visitors entering the house where the great Modenese constructor was born feel.
The interior features a multimedia display of pictures, unpublished films and precious mementoes of Enzo Ferrari’s life as a man, driver and car-maker throughout the 20th century.
The visitor embarks on an exciting, emotional journey, in the age of huge challenges and the passion for speed, to discover the myth.The exhibition layout is characterized by modular white furniture..
Museo Stanguellini
June 2012
Bandini Museum
June 2012
London Motor Museum
March 2013
Autoworld Museum Brussels
February 2014
Louwman Museum
February 2014
Floriopoli Natural Museum
May 2015
Museo Automobile Torino
June 2015
Top Mountain Motorcycle Museum
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