1953 Ockelbo Volvo Sports Racer

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This is a combination from lightweight Ockelbo body (colour Lobelia blue) and a sportive Volvo B-18B engine, gear box and overdrive.

This car is based on a very early Austin Healey chassis BN1 (body 825) that was built for Aktiebolaget Hans Osterman, Stockholm on December 10, 1953.

It has later received a lightweight Ockelbo fibreglass body (65kg) from Erik "Ockelbo" Lundgren.

The similarity with a Ferrari Mondial 500 is no coincidence. In 1956, Erik Lundgren took a mold from the Ferrari Mondial 500 with Scaglietti body (chassis 0580MD) from his friend Ulf Norinder.

The B-18B VOLVO engine (mounted deep behind the front axle) is a 2.0 Litre (bored out from 1.8 Litre), has twin Weber DCOE45 carburettors, special inlet collector, spaghetti exhaust, escapement libre, big intake and exhaust valves, a sports camshaft, with plenty of torque, a four speed manual gearbox with overdrive and produces 140 bhp / 6.500 rpm.

This Ocklobo uses Mercedes SL speedometers.

The boot is spacious and there is a full spare tire in it (at that time required for the sports cars).

The aluminium fuel tank (45 Litre) is located on the chassis lashed in heavy steel brackets and can be filled through a large Aston fuel cap. The windshield is made of two separate Plexiglas panes and the brackets are hand made ​​from aluminum.

The body has holes in the bottom to let the rainwater run out. This two-seater Sports Racer's curb weight is 800 kg.

The Ockelbo bodies were fitted to different cars like Alfa Romeo, Fraser Nash, Healey and VOLVO and were used in car races in Scandinavia.

Ockelbo produced some 50 fiberglass bodies as do-it-yourself kits.

Ockelbo is a small village in Sweden and Erik Lundgren (1919-1967) was one of the inhabitants in the fifties and belonged to the Swedish racing elite. He was a tuner specialist and he was also named the "Trollkarlen från Ockelbo" (the magician from Ockelbo).

Special thanks to mr.Stoffel Mulier,owner of this rare racecar also named like "Swedish Ferrari".


The car is pretty nice not only for the beautiful barchetta style,in the track the lightweight body and the ballance 50/50% front & rear with the engine location close to the center of the chassis made it very competive and funny for the lucky driver. Vasileios Papaidis                               

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