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Marino FIAT Berilinetta Sport

Marino FIAT, one "rare bird" from the family of Etceterinis, a sports car unkown for the most people, a child from Marino Brandoli, enough worth to mention it!

Almost in the shadows, behind the scenes of the great automotive environment, live and work worthy and competent craftsmen.

They are the intelligent people, who know how to transform one regular road car in to a racing car, for track, ciruits or hillclimbs competitions.

This is how we start exploring this unknown space that helped develop Italian car industry, with Marino Brandoli.


Marino Brandoli, "Marino", has been attracted to the world of motors since he was a child. From the early age of 14 he collaborated with the major car manufacturers and later founded the "Scuderia Subalpina" with Count Luigi Della Chiesa and Baron Vittorio Mazzonis of Pralafera. In 1939 Marino moved to Turin and opened a workshop in Corso Peschiera beginning a series of collaborations with Fiat for development in the sports sector.

In our subject among other Torino vehicles that excelled in the 18th edition of the Mille Miglia, here we make special reference to that of Marino Brandoli and Vittorio Mazzonis, who ranked third in the 750 cmc sports category, despite the unforeseen events that significantly delayed it.

It was a great place for this vehicle mainly because it was built by Brandoli himself, an excellent racing technician, also because he "showed his teeth" in the strong traditional schools of Maserati and Ferrari. After all, he is also a very capable driver (like his co-driver, Baron Vittorio Mazzonis of Pralafera who has achieved significant distinctions in the past), winning, among other things, the unforgettable track races at Mirafiori and taking second place in the Asti circuit in 1947, while being ranked and 6th overall in Mille Miglia of the same year.

Marino - as he was widely known in racing - took part in the Brescia race with this vehicle that made its debut there, starting with a light tubular frame in which it mounted a Fiat 1100 all-wheel drive engine, reducing displacement to 750 cmc. From this engine with improved head, two carburetors, internal. cylinder diameter and travel 68x51 (achieved by adjusting a special weighted crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons) Marino managed to reach 48 hp at 6300 rpm with 80 octane gasoline fuel.

An important achievement of this "3/4 liter" engine, was the power and durability of all components and the very good grip, which is unusual for such small engines that always reached their limits.

The body of the Fiat Marino is a light and low berlinetta that appears elegant, comfortable and dynamic with a final speed ratio10/41 to rear axle. Easily exceeds 160 km/h, with amazing stability, power and great brakes. Car actually very convincing, honors its manufacturer. We hope to see it again in long distance road races.

Worth enough to mention about the creator, Marino Brandoli!

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